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We innovate brand identities that live, outspread and inspire.

Why Branding Matters?

Millions of brands exist today, but how many of them are effective? We believe that our talents and experiences can build brands from scratch to become shining ones that people love and follow.

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loadserv Logo & Branding

Logo design process

Every new brand identity is a one time story illustrated
from the ground through our effective approach.

loadserv Branding Exploration


Crafting a new brand starts with a detailed research where we analyze the market and evaluate the competition. This process of discovery and engagement paves the way for brand stories to come to life.

Our experienced teams go through singular journeys where they utilize all their capabilities for exploring outstanding ideas.

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loadserv Branding Sketches


The next to generating ideas is making them a reality. We put all our ideas on paper as our artists sketch their best logo ideas. The sketching journey is where all the gathered ideas become drawings.

Visualizing the ideas help us compare them and begin determining their feel and their reception.

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loadserv Branding Digitization


After putting our ideas on sketches, we take them to our computers to let the work started, which is digitization. We utilize powerful computer tools to make the digital design and make the new logo.

Like this, the logo is ready for giving it the colours which will influence the whole brand identity.

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loadserv Branding Color


Color selection is one of the most fundamental elements of the design process. The colours can tell much about the brand and even make it more identifiable to everyone at the first sight.

Our experts will choose the perfect colour that will make your brand standout with their full understanding of the impacts.

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loadserv Branding Final Logo

Final Logo

Your new shining brand is ready to spread and help your business grow

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