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Does my business really need video production? This is a problem that many companies face when considering video, whether it is a promotional video or a marketing video, or usually a combination of both. Many companies think they don’t need marketing videos, while others think they can simply create their own videos. In this article, we will examine the most common reasons why companies think they don’t need video production, and whether video production can help companies achieve higher sales by using professional marketing videos.

Many companies think they can create their own marketing videos to save costs. In some cases, this may be correct if the company hires skilled marketing experts. However, in most cases, professionally produced videos will have a higher response rate than "homemade" videos. This is due to a variety of factors, including mistakes commonly made by non-professionals, and the experience that marketing experts will bring to the company.

You really don't need video production!!

Many companies think they don’t need video production or marketing videos at all. The benefits of not using the Internet and TV can cost a lot of money in catalog sales. Research shows that 21% of Internet video viewers buy online. This provides an advantage compared to competitors who do not use video marketing to increase sales. Here are ten reasons why your business can benefit from video:

  1. Increase conversion rate
  2. Clarify the goal of your product or service
  3. Rank higher in search engine results
  4. Attract the audience's attention
  5. Increased website traffic
  6. Videos can be easily shared on multiple platforms
  7. Show your personality
  8. cheer up
  9. Generate greater interest
  10. Help viewers retain information
Companies that believe that video production will ultimately not be rewarded often do not do enough research to understand the value and benefits that video production will bring to them. After watching the video, 75% of the audience visited the marketer’s website. This alone is sufficient to say with certainty that the number of visitors is about to increase. Website visitors are 64% more likely to purchase products after watching the video. Professional marketing videos can help your company see these same types of results.

Video Production process

Videos create greater and faster impact on your customers,
and this is our formula for perfect videos.

loadserv Video Consultation


Communicating your messages is essential, because you know about your business more than anyone else. We also determine what you want to achieve with your video whether it is an introduction, advertisement or message.

To make the most effective video, our experts communicate together to generate ideas and share thoughts.

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loadserv Video Shooting


Our videographers shoot your video with the highest audio and video standards to generate great footage. We make superior quality videos tailored for your business and relevant to your users.

We focus on delivering the highest value with non compromised quality videos that are shot without huge budgets.

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loadserv Video Editing


Video editing puts the pieces together into a meaningful and engaging piece of content made for your specific purpose. Our talented video editors use video footage to create impressive masterpieces./p>

Through our in-house produced videos we articulate your corporate culture, philosophy and identity.

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loadserv Final Video

Final Video

Your corporate video is ready to tell more about your company in the most effective way.

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"So how can a video production company help me promote my business?"

A video production company can help you in many ways, but it depends on many factors, including your company’s industry, your budget, and other factors. Here are some of the most common ways video production can help you achieve (or exceed) your goals.
There are many methods that video production companies can use to help the company increase visitors, exposure, and sales, as well as create new customers and repeat customers. A well-researched video production plan should be used. This should include viewing general video conversion statistics and data, as well as competitor videos, and how they can help these companies. Only then can you decide whether to use video production for your company.

There is no denying that video production can bring benefits to the company. A qualified video production company will produce killer videos so that your visitors can get a visual experience of life while persuading them to buy your products or services.
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